Do you remember the mysterious chests of our grandmothers?
There we found all sorts of interesting things - shining stones, brooches and necklaces, most interesting fabrics and most cherished tools. We want to share with you the treasures of such a box of handicrafts.

How did this treasure box come to be?
A few women met in search for materials and tools for their rather unusual handicrafts. They shared concerns and ideas and the result is this page dedicated to you, to us, and to all who like handicrafts and are constantly searching for new materials, tools and instruments. In our shop you will find rare as well as usual things:

  • - a variety of beads, even from the millefiori glass and natural stones
  • - dyed and natural wool for wet and dry felting
  • - felting needles and beading needles
  • - extra accessories for necklace and brooch making
  • and many other interesting things...

We hope you find everything or, well, almost everything you need and look forward to hearing your wishes!
We will do our best to help your creative dreams come true!